What Can I Do with Abandoned Cars in Dubai?

27 June,2024 , 01:09 pm

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The "city of cars," Dubai, is home to an extensive collection of automobiles of various makes and models. You'll find an expensive sports car collection, exotic cars, SUVs, and sedans, among other highly sought-after automobiles. 

In Dubai, a lot of expensive and exotic cars can be discovered as abandoned cars in parking lots or scrap yards. In the end, these deserted automobiles in Dubai are sold for a small portion of what they originally cost.

This article has all the information you need to find abandoned cars in Dubai, including where to look and how to buy them.

What Are the Abandoned Cars in Dubai?

Every year, some 3,000 abandoned cars are found on Dubai's streets, in airport parking lots, and in public parking spaces. There is representation for almost every luxury and exotic automobile brand, including Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, and many more. There are a lot of luxury cars that are left abandoned in Dubai for a variety of reasons, such as debt nonpayment, moving abroad, or impoundment.

Where Do the Abandoned Automobiles in Dubai Go?

At Dubai car auctions, these vehicles are offered for incredibly low rates.

The cars are seized by the Dubai municipality as soon as they are found to be abandoned. Additionally, car owners have 15 days to claim their vehicles. After the required paperwork is completed, the owner has six months to claim the seized car. 

The automobiles are put up for auction in Dubai at far lower prices if no one makes a claim within six months. Licensed car dealers buy the abandoned autos at the auction and resell them to potential buyers.

How Can I Purchase Abandoned Cars in Dubai?

Finding an abandoned car at the airport is not unusual.

Every year, the owners of between 2,000 and 3,000 cars leave them unattended in Dubai. These abandoned automobiles in Dubai are usually left in public parking lots or at the airport by their owners. In Dubai, it's not unusual to find an abandoned car on a random street. After these vehicles are determined to be abandoned, Dubai police pick them up and put them up for auction.

Abandoned cars are put up for auction, with dealers winning the right to place a bid. These dealers help their ideal clients buy the car of their dreams once they've located them.

Who Can Purchase Abandoned Supercars in Dubai?

Most abandoned supercar auctions are private events that are attended by invitation only. When the abandoned car auction is publicized, prospective bidders are required to register with the police and demonstrate that they have the funds for the deposit. Prospective car buyers need to finish the registration process before they can receive an invitation to the auction.

How Can One Purchase An Abandoned Car At a Live Auction the Best Way?

Automobile dealers with registration can buy a car straight out of the auction. An overview of the general operation of an auction is provided below:

  • A brochure with all the details about the automobiles that will be at the event is given to each guest.
  • To register for the live auction, attendees must present their Emirates ID at the desk and pay a deposit.
  • Every visitor will receive a bid number.
  • A group of four to five persons conducts the auction, and the car is sold to the highest bidder.
  • After the auction, the car needs to be paid for within 48 hours.
  • It's critical to understand that these vehicles are not covered by any form of guarantee from the manufacturer or the dealers.

Considerations Before Bidding On An Abandoned Car At Auction

At an auto auction, make an informed bid. If you're trying to find an abandoned car in Dubai, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to check the vehicle's condition first. Examine the automobile thoroughly and check every component before completing the payment.
  • Check the paperwork attached to the car.
  • To find out more about the history and other details of the car, look at the chassis and VIN.
  • Examine the available cars at your leisure and place your bid based on their worth.
  • Dubai's Abandoned Car Prices

The pricing is one of the main draws for many people looking to purchase abandoned autos. At the abandoned automobile auction, a large number of inexpensive SUVs and high-end vehicles are available for a fraction of their original cost. However, these cars occasionally experience minor issues. For this reason, before completing a transaction, it is imperative to check its condition.

This concludes our overview of Dubai's abandoned autos. In addition to vehicle auctions, some buyers will offers a large assortment of pre-owned cars in Dubai, ranging in price from high-end to low-end. For more details check out the Car1.ae blog regularly.