Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Car1 is a main vehicle selling platform where you can trade your vehicle in any condition. Also, you were unable to imagine anything better than to participate in the advantages of selling your vehicle with us. We help our clients with selling their vehicles without any problem. These agreements will help you with understanding how you can use this platform and in what ways. This incorporates services given to you that you can book through this site. Assuming you continue to use these services means that you accept these terms and conditions.

Before you are ready to accept these terms and conditions its more intelligent to examine them cautiously especially expecting you will use our services. These terms and conditions will make you see better the manner by which we offer these services to you. If any issue happens what you can do and what other important information?

Information about us and how to contact us

You can contact us at any time through our contact number +97155765432 or you can email us at info@car1.ae. We can contact you through the email address that you provide us on our site or the location you give us.

Platform usage

What are the functionalities of our establishment and the justification for our site? This site helps you with selling your used vehicle and for your help, we give free appraisal and valuation services. However, to clear your uncertainty we never give towing services for anything. During your vehicle review, we do not get a feeling of responsibility for your vehicle commitment. A review of your vehicle will be performed inside and remotely by our specialist.

Car1 gives free explanations to their clients whenever they post a request by wrapping up our construction on the site. We work with them with a free review and a moment cash installment or direct bank move. We offer a free evaluation and get a feeling of responsibility with the examination.

You will move toward this site until you agree to these terms and conditions. Use it for your own use just and you will not include it for another explanation at any cost.

We put forth a fair attempt to advance this site open to you and attempts are made to ensure its availability. Car1 has the choice to make changes to the site or change a couple of segments, even the whole site can be changed without enlightening you. There might be a couple of purposes behind that, there might be an issue in getting to the site or we need to deal with the usefulness of our site. We make changes in view of legal reasons whether in the security technique or the helpfulness of the site.

There is no understanding as we complete the game plan. The spot at your entrance paying money. You can benefit from our web-based services through our website and get a free assessment in less time than expected at this point you need to give careful and finish the information. Moreover, our affirmed investigator will check your vehicle from each angle inside and remotely.

You need to make your vehicle available where it was portrayed at the hour of booking and at the particular time that was arranged. Clients will get a moment installment following 30 minutes of examination. You should talk with our experts quickly and respond to them with rapid plans. If we would not prepare to catch up with you, there might be conceivable that our experts are involved and we will advise you at the earliest open door. No reserving number is required as we have moment an examination structure at your place.

Car Selling

At the point when a web-based booking is made you can demand an arranged date or time to complete managing interaction. Whether our experts will finish up the got date or you can pick without assistance from any other individual according to your straightforwardness.

In case, at any rate, we cannot give our services at the given time, we will reach out to you on time and enlighten you about the postponement. If you feel that this is not working for you, you can drop the game plan before getting the portion without any charges.

Finalize the deal

After totally looking at your vehicle our experts will furnish you with a definite report of your vehicle that incorporates harms, surrenders, or various issues in the vehicle. The assessment report is just, all things considered, to know the vehicles prosperity which is kept in our record to do the valuation. After a complete examination of your vehicle, experts will stall the genuine worth of your vehicle as shown by the business place. A valuation report is delivered that tells you the expense of your vehicle at the rate it will in general be sold. If the valuation report is sensible to you, close the course of action and sell your vehicle right away. Clients are not charged for our agents visit for vehicle seeing, so courses of action can be rescheduled by the client whenever.

Problems during dealing

Expecting you feel that there is any issue in giving you can analyze it with our experts at whatever point. You truly need to contact us directly at our contact number available on our site. In case of any issue, our experts will focus on your request and will catch up with you surprisingly fast. At the time of overseeing if you feel that you are not content with the services, you can talk with our subject matter experts and they will help you to settle your issue with discussion.

Payment method

  • We guarantee you that the inspection report we give will make the particular worth of your vehicle.
  • There are no charges for booking the review arrangements.
  • Towing is our response we do not charge anything to the client.
  • We give both cash installment and direct bank move, you can pick as demonstrated by your convenience.
  • We never charge extra money for survey and valuation or for other documentation at the hour of vehicle selling.

Responsibility for loss and damage suffered by you

  • At the time of selling your vehicle at Car1, you get a superior proposal from somewhere else, and you would not be allowed to return the plan.
  • You will not urge various clients to stop using this site or allude them to various destinations.
  • You will be responsible for any incident that is caused as a result of your break. You will have to compensate us for any mishap caused as a result of you.
  • Likewise during the examination of your vehicle expecting there is a wet environment seeing any harm would be irksome.

Restrictions and Trade Mark ownership

You are not allowed to imitate, alter, permit, sell, exchange or rent. Either move, perform or show freely any sort of changes in the services until it is allowed by us. All the substance, logos, association names, brand names, and any excess details on the site are our own property or the property of our promoting accomplices. You are not allowed to use any brand names, representations, or logos without our made approval.

Use of your personal information

We have clearly described how we will use your own information and how we assemble this information. This enormous number of details are written in our security system.

Other terms and conditions

Nobody has any honor to this agreement except for you and us, no other person can change or change this agreement. We can change or move this agreement to someone else yet we will let you know before doing thusly. Expecting any guideline to announce that any point or part of this understanding is not according to the guideline then different focuses will remain in full power and effect.