How to Transfer Ownership In The UAE When Selling A Car?

25 October,2023 , 12:56 pm

Sell A Car

Your search for the ideal buyer for your car is finally over, and you're prepared to sell a car. To get a guaranteed and smooth transfer of ownership. There are a few things you should take care of before handing over the keys.

We'll go over everything you need to do to transfer ownership of your car when you sell it in the UAE in this blog post. From canceling your registration to obtaining a new one in the name of the new owner, we'll cover it all.

So continue reading if you're ready to discover how to effectively sell your car in the UAE.

In the UAE, How Do I Change the Ownership of a Car?

It's easy to transfer car ownership in the UAE, and you can do it online or in person at a vehicle registration office. The first step is to inform the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority that you have sold your car, together with the buyer's contact information, full name, and Emirates ID.

The seller must then choose "Change of Ownership" from the menu after logging into their account on the Roads & Transports Authority (RTA) website. They will enter the buyer's information and submit the form on the following page. The new owner can visit a car registration office to finalize the transfer after receiving an SMS message that the form has been processed.

Can I Change The Ownership Of A Vehicle Online?

You must give the new owner ownership of the vehicle if you are selling your car in the UAE. This can be completed online through the Roads & Transports Authority (RTA) website or at a vehicle licensing center.

You must register for an account on the Roads & Transports Authority (RTA) website and log in before you may transfer ownership online. You must choose "Change of Vehicle Ownership" from the list of services after logging in.

The buyer's information and the car information, including the VIN number, must then be entered. You can pay the money and print the ownership transfer forms after you have provided this information.

How Can You Establish Who Owns A Car?

In order to sell an automobile in the UAE, you must provide proof of ownership. Presenting the actual car registration certificate is the simplest way to do this. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai or any other emirate is where you can get this paperwork.

If you cannot locate the registration document, you may alternatively show the bill of sale for the vehicle as proof of ownership. Both the buyer and the seller must sign this document, which should also contain all pertinent information regarding the sale, including the vehicle's make, model, VIN number, selling price, and date.

After providing ownership documentation, you must fill out a transfer of ownership form at an RTA office. Both parties must sign this document, which must also contain all necessary details of the transaction. You must pay a transfer fee after you have completed the form and signed it in order to complete the sale.


The information in this article should have helped you to understand how to transfer ownership of your car when you sell a car in the United Arab Emirates. Just keep in mind that doing things the right way will ensure that both you and the new owner are protected by the law.

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How does car ownership transfer work in the United Arab Emirates?

The contract for selling the car is signed by all parties. The client pays all necessary fees and fines, if needed. Within 14 days of paying the costs, the customer visits the Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centre to submit the vehicle plates.

What paperwork is needed in Dubai to transfer ownership of a car?

  • Required Paperwork and Documentation for Transferring Car Ownership in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The seller's ID.
  • Mulkiya or the vehicle's registration card.
  • A license to drive.
  • (In the event that a car loan is involved) Original passport
  • In the event that a car loan is involved, a resident visa

Without an Emirates ID, can I sell my car?

Do I Need an Emirates ID to Sell My Car? The UAE's Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) states that if the seller's Emirates ID is invalid, a valid passport will do.

How to Get a Dubai RTA Vehicle Transfer Certificate?

By way of the customer happiness center or the vehicle registration and inspection center

  • Deliver all necessary paperwork to the service application center you've selected.
  • Remit the service charges.
  • Give your license plates over, and you'll get an electronic RTA vehicle transfer certificate by SMS or email.

Can I sell my automobile in the UAE after having my visa canceled?

During the 30-day grace period following visa revocation, can you sell your car? According to my experience, they only need to see an identity document, like an Emirates ID or DL, to confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle at the time of the vehicle transfer. They never inquire about the validity of your visa.

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