Selling a Car with Outstanding Bills in the United Arab Emirates!

12 October,2023 , 12:51 pm

Sell A Car

Even if you still owe money on your car, we can make the process easier for selling a car with outstanding bills. Enter your registration below to get started and find out how much your car is worth.

What Occurs If You Are Selling Your Car with Financing?

If you are financing a vehicle through an agreement, the vehicle will remain the property of the finance company up until the balance owed has been fully paid. Therefore, legally speaking, you are not permitted to sell a car. In reality, it is still feasible to sell an automobile with unpaid debt.

Many reputable automakers and services that buy cars can settle the financing on a vehicle that is still under contract. By doing this, you will be allowed to end your present contract and sell your car at will. The steps to take are described below:

Ask For A Settlement Amount for Selling Your Car!

You must ask the auto financing firm for a "settlement figure" if you want to terminate your finance agreement early. This amount will include any administrative fees and early settlement penalties in addition to your balance, which is the amount you currently owe on your auto loan plan.

It won't generally take this long, but the lender is required by law to submit a settlement figure within some days of your request. Although this can change, settlement amounts are normally valid. To find out when they expire, consult the loan company's letter.

The settlement figure will no longer be valid and you will need to seek a new one if you don't pay it off within this time limit. If you do not pay off the settlement amount within this time frame, it will no longer be valid, and if you still want to sell your financed car, you will need to seek a new amount from the lender.

Making the Overdue Payment!

You can start selling the car once you've been given a settlement amount. The sale proceeds will be used to pay off the debt. You must pay the difference yourself to exit the current credit agreement if the value of your car is less than the settlement amount. You will have "positive equity" if the automobile is worth more than you owe on it, and you can use that money to invest toward your next vehicle.

The majority of car buyers and dealers should be familiar with this procedure and will be pleased to help you if necessary.

Can I Take Care Of The Unpaid Debt On My Own?

Yes, you can settle your debt with the financing business directly by paying the settlement amount. Working with a car dealership or a car-buying agency like, however, can help streamline the process if you plan to sell the vehicle.

How To Sell The Automobile You Had Financed?

Obtain a free online car valuation and start by requesting your free online appraisal, just like you would if you hadn't financed your automobile. Enter the mileage and license plate of your car.

You must have a current settlement letter from your loan company that includes the following information since you are selling a vehicle with outstanding debt. Your agreement reference number, and your settlement amount.

Sell Your Car Quickly And Painlessly!

A pleasant Branch Manager will greet you at your appointment and inspect your car to make sure the information you gave online is accurate. We will pay you the difference if our valuation is higher than the settlement sum.

You will be required to pay the difference by debit or credit card if our appraisal is less than the settlement sum. We will pay your finance company within 4 working days once the deal is finalized.

Can I Sell A Car With Unpaid Financing?

A car purchased through an arrangement belongs to the lender until all payments are fulfilled. You must obtain a settlement quote in order to terminate the agreement early in order to sell the car.

You must get in touch with the finance firm and request a settlement amount. The finance company should provide you with a settlement figure within a few business days, and you will then have a specific amount of time to pay it. The car can be sold after this sum has been paid.

You can return the car to the finance company if you have paid less than half of the total amount due under your contract by making the last installments required to bring your total to half of the remaining value, including any interest and penalties.

Selling A Vehicle Obtained Through A Personal Loan!

You legally own the car if you utilized a personal loan to buy it, presuming you paid for it in full, unlike agreements. Since you are the car's legitimate owner, you are free to sell it whenever you want. It's crucial to keep in mind that you must continue making the loan's monthly installments for the predetermined time period.

Can I Trade In My Automobile With Unpaid Loans?

A car with unpaid finance can indeed be traded in. This requires that you:

  • Declare your intention to sell the vehicle to the credit company and ask for a settlement amount.
  • Ask the car dealer you want to part exchange with how much they will pay for the vehicle when you approach them.
  • If you agree to the dealer's proposal, the money from the sale will be used to settle the outstanding debt.

Favorable Equity!

You will be in "positive equity" if the dealer's offer is higher than your settlement amount, giving you money to use toward your next vehicle. If your automobile is worth more and you owe less on the financing, for instance, you will have some money to put toward your next vehicle after paying off the debt.

Unfavorable Equity!

You will, however, be in "negative equity" if the settlement amount is larger than the dealer's offer. You have the option to settle the discrepancy independently. Alternatively, the car dealer can let you include the unpaid balance in the contract.

Is It Against The Law To Privately Sell An Automobile With Unpaid Debt?

It would be fraudulent to sell a car in Dubai privately without disclosing to the buyer any outstanding debt on the vehicle. You must first settle any outstanding debt with the lender in order to sell your car to a private party.

As an alternative, you might sell your automobile to a company that buys cars, like To facilitate the selling process, we can pay off any existing debt on your behalf.