Can You Register a Salvage Car in Dubai?

29 June,2024 , 01:28 pm

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Because Dubai maintains strict laws and high standards for vehicle safety, registering a salvage car can be a complicated process. It makes a difference if you bought a salvage automobile locally or imported one from overseas. 

Either way, you need to be aware of the processes and documentation needed for registration. At, our goal is to give you all the help you need to properly navigate this complex process.

Recognizing Salvage Automobiles

An automobile classified as salvage is usually one that an insurance company has declared a total loss because of damage sustained in an accident, a natural disaster, or other situations. 

Salvage vehicles, even though they are deemed a complete loss, are frequently able to be fixed and made roadworthy again. These vehicles are frequently offered for sale at a marked-down price, drawing in customers prepared to pay for repairs.

Dubai's Legal Aspects

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is in charge of registering all automobiles, including salvage cars. To guarantee that only secure and roadworthy automobiles are permitted on the roads, the RTA maintains tight restrictions. This implies that proving the vehicle satisfies the required safety requirements is a multi-step process when registering a salvage car.

How to Register a Repossessed Vehicle in Dubai

1. Evaluate the Vehicle's Condition

It's critical to determine the amount of the salvage car's damage before starting the registration process. You will be better able to understand the repairs required to get the car back into roadworthy condition after a comprehensive assessment by a licensed mechanic. You'll also get a sense of the cost of car repairs from this evaluation.

2. Get Estimates for Repairs

After you have a car evaluation, get quotes from reliable workshops for the necessary repairs. Because the repairs need to adhere to the authority's criteria, make sure the workshop you select has been approved by the RTA. All repair documentation, including invoices and receipts, should be kept up to date because the inspection procedure will require access to these.

3. Finish the Required Repairs

Based on the estimates you received, move forward with the necessary repairs. Make certain that all repairs are completed to a high standard, with an emphasis on safety and adherence to RTA guidelines. When feasible, use original components to help prevent issues during the inspection.

4. Compile the Necessary Records

You'll need to obtain a number of documentation to register a salvage car in Dubai, including:

  • The original invoice for the purchase
  • A passport bearing an Emirates ID along with a residency permit and insurance
  • Fix invoices and receipts.
  • Reports on inspections
  • Certificate of clearance from customs (if the car was imported)

Having all of the necessary paperwork together will make the registration process go more smoothly.

5. Inspection of Vehicles

All salvage automobiles must pass a thorough inspection by the RTA to guarantee that they adhere to safety and roadworthiness regulations. Make an appointment for an inspection at a testing facility approved by the RTA. The car will go through a detailed inspection to make sure all safety features, structural integrity, and emission criteria are met.

6. Get Your Certificate of Passing

The testing facility will issue you a passing certificate if the car passes the check. The registration procedure requires this certificate. You will receive a list of necessary repairs or adjustments if the car doesn't pass. After finishing the required tasks, arrange for a follow-up inspection.

7. Submit a Registration Request

Once you have the passing certificate, you can seek to have the salvage car registered. With the necessary paperwork in hand, stop by an RTA customer service location. Send in the paperwork and the registration cost. If everything is in order, the RTA will process your application and issue a new registration card (Mulkiya).

Obstacles and Things to Think About

Expense of Repairs

The expense of repairs is one of the main obstacles to registering a salvage vehicle. Repairs can be costly and can surpass the car's value, depending on the amount of the damage. Before registering, it is crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Time-consuming Procedure

Because there are several procedures involved in the salvage car registration process, including car inspections, repairs, and paperwork, it might take a while to complete. To effectively navigate this procedure, patience, and diligence are essential.

Compliance with RTA Guidelines

A salvage car's registration must be successful and must adhere to RTA requirements. Reaching these criteria can be facilitated by collaborating with RTA-approved workshops and getting precise repair quotes. Any departure from the requirements may cause the car to fail inspection and cause further delays.

Options Besides Registering a Salvage Vehicle and Selling Parts

Consider selling the vehicle for components if the expense and work of restoring and registering a salvage vehicle are too great. Salvage automobiles may have valuable parts that can be sold separately to possibly get some of your investment back.

Exporting the Vehicle

Exporting the salvage automobile to a nation with laxer laws governing salvage cars is an additional choice. If you find it impossible to meet Dubai's strict regulations, this can be a good substitute.


It is feasible to register a salvage vehicle in Dubai, but the procedure is complicated and needs close attention to RTA guidelines. Every step needs to be carefully followed, from determining the car's condition and making the required repairs to passing stringent inspections and compiling voluminous paperwork. 

Before starting this trip, strongly advises you to thoroughly weigh the costs and difficulties involved. Registering a salvage automobile in Dubai can be a fruitful undertaking if you have the necessary planning and tools, enabling you to drive your car on Dubai's roads lawfully and safely.