Can I Register a Car for Someone Else in UAE?

11 June,2024 , 12:12 pm

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For many people living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), owning a car is a need. You may be asking if it's possible to register a car for someone else in the United Arab Emirates, considering the frequently complicated personal situations and dynamic lifestyles. 

This might be the result of a gift, a family member's disability, or any number of other factors. It is feasible to register an automobile for someone else, thanks to the UAE's accommodating car registration procedure. But there are a few procedures and needs in this process. We will go into the specifics of how to do this effectively and lawfully in this guide.

Recognizing Automobile Registration in UAE

Strict regulations control car registration in the United Arab Emirates to guarantee that every car on the road is safe to drive and lawfully registered. The main organizations in charge of vehicle registration are the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai and comparable organizations in other emirates, such as the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. 

The procedure entails paying the relevant fees, presenting the required paperwork, and having the car inspected.

Why Register a Vehicle for Another Person?

There are several situations in which you could have to register a vehicle on behalf of someone else:

Present: You may be giving a friend or member of your family a car.

Family Assistance: Incapable of completing the registration process on their own, such as elderly parents or relatives.

Business: Employers that register their workers' cars.

Convenience: Assisting a harried friend or family member who is unable to take time off work.

Legal Aspects to Take into Account

It is vital to comprehend the legal ramifications before moving forward. It takes the right authorization and paperwork to register a vehicle on behalf of someone else. 

In the absence of these, you can run into legal issues. A power of attorney (POA), which gives you the authority to act on behalf of the car owner, is the main document you'll need.

How to Register a Vehicle for Another Person

Obtain a POA or power of attorney.

Getting a power of attorney is the first step in registering a car on someone else's behalf. The right of the authorized individual to register and oversee vehicle-related matters must be made very explicit in this legal instrument. For the POA to be enforceable, it must be notarized by a public notary in the UAE.

Assemble the Necessary Documents

Obtaining all required paperwork for the vehicle registration procedure is the next stage. Usually, these consist of:

  • Both the original and a duplicate of the POA paperwork
  • The owner's and the authorized person's original and copy Emirates IDs
  • Both parties' passport copies (with the visa papers attached)
  • Evidence of residency (utility bill or Ejari)
  • Filled-out application from the RTA or other appropriate authority
  • Policy for auto insurance
  • Certificate of vehicle inspection, if relevant
  • Proof of purchase or sale agreement (for new or transferred automobiles)
  • Inspection of Vehicles

A thorough car inspection is frequently necessary for vehicles that are being transferred or are used. The car satisfies safety and emission criteria thanks to this inspection. Authorized testing facilities may conduct the inspection, and the registration paperwork must contain the certificate.

Auto Insurance

In the UAE, auto insurance is required. Before registering the car, be sure the insurance is still in effect. The car owner's name as listed in the POA must be on the insurance policy.

Send in the Application

Visit the RTA office or other appropriate authority in the emirate where the car will be registered after you have all the necessary paperwork. Send in the application and the required supporting documentation. To apply, the designated representative needs to be present.

Cover the Fees

Fees associated with car registration include registration, inspection (if necessary), and any fines or unpaid bills about the vehicle. Depending on the car type and the emirate, different fees may apply. Make sure you pay all necessary costs to finish the registration procedure.

Acquire Plates and Registration

Following processing and approval of the application, the owner will formally register the car. The new license plates, which need to be attached to the automobile, and the vehicle registration card will be given to the designated individual.

Crucial Points to Remember

The legality of the power of attorney

The power to register the car must be expressly granted by a valid Power of Attorney. Any uncertainty in the POA may cause the registration application to be rejected or to be delayed.

Residency Conditions

The authorized person and the car owner must both be legally resident in the United Arab Emirates. Throughout the registration procedure, you might need to provide proof of residency.


Within a certain time after the vehicle is purchased or transferred, car registration must be finished. There may be fines or other costs associated with delays.

Standards for Vehicle Inspections

Before attempting to register the car, make sure it satisfies all inspection requirements. There may be more expenses and delays if the inspection is not passed.


It is possible to register a car for someone else in the United Arab Emirates as long as you have the right permission, which may be obtained through a power of attorney and the necessary paperwork. 

You can verify the vehicle is lawfully registered and expedite the registration procedure by following the above-described steps. An easy and hassle-free experience is guaranteed if you comprehend the nuances of car registration in the United Arab Emirates, whether you are assisting a friend, family member, or business associate.

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