What to Do When You Totaled Your Car and Still Owe Money?

08 September,2023 , 07:49 am

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What to do when you totaled your car but still owe the bank money, what would you do? The debt will stay with you until the lender is fully paid if you were still making payments on a vehicle but lost it in an accident or for another reason.

If you don't make the necessary preparations by safeguarding yourself with all-inclusive insurance coverage like GAP, this debt could become rather problematic. What then should you do if your automobile breaks down and you still owe money on it?

Those who find themselves in this situation shouldn't worry because we have a few options to provide.

Totaled Your Car| Can a Loan Be Repaid by An Insurance Company?

Your insurance provider is likely to cover the remaining loan debt on your vehicle if you are involved in an accident that totals your car or severely damages it to the point that it is no longer driveable. If the insurance payment you make is less than the balance you still owe the bank, you will be held liable for the difference.

Repairs can be pricey when your car is involved in an accident and major components are destroyed. If it would be more expensive to fix than it is worth, the insurance company will classify it as a total loss. Although each state has its own rules, the damage must be at least 60% of the car's actual financial value. Use our online car valuation to get a ballpark figure.

If your car is totaled but you still owe money on it, what happens? Your automobile will be considered a total loss in this situation, and you will receive an insurance settlement less your deductible.

Up to your policy maximum, the payout will cover the cash worth of the car at the time of the accident. For instance, if your totaled vehicle's real cash worth is more and you have less deductible, your payout will be more. That's enough money to pay for another vehicle.

However, the insurance provider would only pay for your totaled car if you have a larger loan balance.

Can a Wrecked Car Be Sold with an Unpaid Loan?

What happens if you still owe money yet your automobile is totaled? Is it against the law to sell a car for which you still owe money? Selling an automobile that is still financed is not prohibited. The procedure, nevertheless, can be somewhat challenging.

You would technically be selling something that does not yet belong to you because the car is still financed, so you should be quite certain that you know what you're doing before taking this course of action.

As already noted, your insurance will determine if your car is a total loss following an accident. If so, it will be regarded as a complete wreck.

Is it wise to sell your crashed car even if I still owe money on it? You might be wondering if that would depend on the amount you ultimately receive from the insurance.

Your insurance company typically ships a totaled vehicle to a salvage yard where it is sold at a reduced price, so you might not receive much compensation from them. After an accident, if you decide to keep your car, you can definitely sell it for more money, especially if you sell it to a high-end junk car buyer like Car1.ae.

Get an estimate for your car from your insurance provider if it has been declared a total loss and you are still responsible for the loan. The wisest course of action is to keep it and sell it if your computed worth exceeds the insurance's anticipated value. In this scenario, the insurance will be included in your deductible when determining the value of your vehicle. After that, they will take it out of your overall settlement.


If my automobile is totaled but I still owe the bank money, what should I do?

If your car is thought to be a total wreck, first have your insurance provider inspect it. If so, the next step is to subtract the loan balance from the estimated compensation.

With an unpaid debt, how can I sell a totaled car?

The insurance has calculated your compensation, however, it is insufficient to pay off your loan. Instead of allowing the insurance to purchase the vehicle from you, you can decide to keep it. Then you can attempt to sell it for more money in order to at least pay off your loan sum. Read on for more information if your car has liens. The automobile will be purchased by the insurer, but you also have the option of keeping it and selling it to a junk car buyer.

How do I determine the worth of my car after an accident?

You can use this online calculator to determine your car's value following an accident. This estimate can then be used to contrast it with the computer value provided by the insurance. By doing so, you can determine if you're receiving a reasonable price.