What Documents Are Required to Sell a Car in Abu Dhabi?

30 May,2024 , 01:47 pm

Sell A Car

There are a lot of reasons to sell a car in Abu Dhabi: Most of them choose to sell their old model to purchase the new one when it is introduced to the market. Certain people wish they could release the funds associated with the car in times of financial distress.

If your car requires a lot of care, it's time to sell a car. Additionally, if you've decided to use public transit to travel throughout the United Arab Emirates or if you're departing the nation and won't need it any longer.

People think selling something is a really challenging task, particularly when it comes to automobiles. To them, it looks like manual labor. That is incorrect, though, particularly in the UAE where there is a substantial used car industry and a continued need for older vehicles. 

As a result, selling an automobile wouldn't be tough. Because if you want to sell your automobile in the UAE, there are always customers looking for used vehicles. Let us now examine the ease of selling a car in the UAE.

The following documents can be required for the transfer process.

  • Valid driver's license,
  •  Registration card,
  •  Emirates ID, passport, and visa
  • A copy of the buyer's new insurance  

The procedure for renewing a Mulkiya car registration card is not too difficult. Before testing your car at the test facilities, you have to get all outstanding obligations settled with the authorities. This article describes how to order a Mulkiya copy online in Dubai and how to renew your car's Mulkiya in the United Arab Emirates. 

For automobiles, the Mulkiya is an essential document. Usually, the car receives a physical card called a Mulkiya. By visiting the RTA website or the Dubai Police App, you can get a duplicate of the Mulkiya online in Dubai in addition to the real card.

  • Log in to the RTA website or the Dubai Police app.
  • Select the "car details" hyperlink.
  • You can out details on the Mulkiya, including when it expires.
  • a current driver's license

An individual is granted a driving license, which serves as proof of their ability to operate a motor vehicle, upon completing a driving test. If they are older than the legal age and in good health, customers, residents, and citizens may apply for a driving instruction permit as well as a new driving license. Depending on the kind of vehicle for which you are requesting a licence, there may be a minimum age requirement.

If you wish to drive in Dubai and you reside in the United Arab Emirates, you can apply for a driving license by meeting the necessary conditions. On the other hand, if you already have a driver's license from your home nation, you might be able to exchange it for one issued in the UAE, provided that the UAE has accepted the terms and circumstances.

Visa and Passport or Emirates ID

The identity card that the UAE government issues to its citizens and residents is called an Emirates ID. It is mandatory for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for an Emirates ID. It is legally necessary for all UAE citizens and residents to get one and have it with them at all times. 

Utilizing an Emirates ID

To obtain government services, cast a ballot in the Federal National Council elections, travel documents for UAE nationals traveling within the Gulf Cooperation Council, and pass immigration through gates and smart gates at various UAE airports.

A copy of the Buyer's New Insurance

If you sell your car, you have to give the new owner full ownership of your auto insurance. The insurance regulator in the United Arab Emirates has established regulations that link insurance to the vehicle and not the owner. Before the new owner notifies the transfer of ownership and submits the vehicle ownership certificate, a set number of days must elapse. 

Next will be the transfer of the vehicle insurance. The insurance should be transferred as soon as feasible. The insurance company will not pay any claims if an automobile accident happens while the driver is operating the vehicle and the insurance is not transferred to the new owner. 

The insurance company refuses to pay claims because the new car owner's identity does not match the name on the automobile or other information such as the registration certificate and insurance policy documents.

Car insurance should be transferred as soon as the vehicle is sold and the necessary documentation for ownership is completed. After the vehicle has been transferred and the new owner has obtained the ownership certificate, transferring auto insurance is quite simple. To sign and complete the paperwork formalities, just a few papers are required.