Should I Pay Cash for Repairs or Claim My Car Insurance?

22 March,2024 , 09:28 am

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Have you heard the saying "the house always wins"? That's how car insurance feels in a way. Indeed, having a solid policy can feel like winning the lottery if you were in a minor collision. You can replace your totaled car with a new one with just a few finger clicks. However, in the case of other insurance claims, it could seem as though you're merely throwing money away and leaving your car unreliable behind.

This is particularly true for more modest claims. The auto insurance market is an expert in its models of profitability. They get to decide how much a claim is worth, and they go to great lengths to discourage you from filing a claim in the first place by threatening to raise your premiums and imposing deductibles and coverage limits.

They may cancel your coverage or even stop being your customer if you file too many claims. The fact is, you cannot drive without auto insurance. It's legally required unless you reside in the UAE. This implies that it is your responsibility as the policyholder to determine how to configure the system so that it serves your interests.

Understanding the workings of car insurance is beneficial. Driving safely is beneficial. Additionally, having a calculator is very helpful. To help you decide whether to file a claim with your auto insurance, here is a short checklist. There's some basic maths ahead!

Do the Repairs Exceed My Deductible In Value?

The amount of money you have to fork over out of pocket for any repairs related to your vehicle insurance is known as your deductible. It is not worthwhile to file a claim if your repairs will be less expensive than this. Simple as pie.

Does the Cost Of Repairs Mean My Car Will Be Totaled?

In the event that the total value of your car determined by the insurers exceeds the cost of repairs, your vehicle will be regarded as "totaled." This implies that the insurer will take possession of the vehicle and make a payment of paying to have it fixed. There are situations when you could buy the car back and cover the cost of the repairs.

In the previous three years, have you filed more than one claim? Making a third claim could result in your contract not being renewed if you have already made two recently. To maintain your insurance coverage over time, it might be cost-effective to pay for the repairs this time.

Can You Pay An Increase In Rate?

Should your insurance premiums already exceed your financial means, you should carefully consider your options before filing a claim that might lead to an increase in your rate. Is the possible increase in your rates worth it, even if the repairs cost more than your deductible?

Short-term savings of a few hundred bucks may be realized, but when it comes time to renew your policy, the savings may be outweighed by higher long-term monthly payments. It may be time to forgo filing a claim and scrap your car with it if you've spoken with your agent and the future doesn't seem promising for either your vehicle or your bank account.

Whether your junk car is destined for the junkyard or is roadworthy, you can cash it in here at Give us the details, and we'll present you with an offer right away. It is therefore possible to purchase a brand-new car of making insurance company payments.