How to Sell My Car for the Best Price?

19 April,2024 , 02:08 pm

Sell A Car

You will desire the most money possible when selling a car. Whether you're selling it privately for someone to drive themselves or it's on the market as a scrap or salvage car since its use-by date has passed, this is always the case. We've put together some advice at to assist you obtain the greatest deal on your scrap automobile.

To cut right to the chase, no matter what brand, model, or even condition your automobile is in, we will always find you the greatest price for your scrap car or salvage vehicle. Simply give us a call, or use our scrap value calculator to enter your postcode and car registration. We will even make arrangements for the collection of your used car from any location in the United Arab Emirates. Find out the current market value of your car!

Before It's Too Late, Throw It Out

An automobile that is just lying around, or more critically, the precious parts inside of it, will lose value over time, but a trash car will never completely lose its value and finally be worth nothing at all.

Modern cars' exteriors may be less prone to rust and corrosion (though even this area can deteriorate in bad weather), but the interior parts are more vulnerable to damage and may eventually lose their ability to be repaired.

When your car is going to be idle for an extended period, make an effort to maintain it. Scrapping it straight away using would be a better course of action.

Avoid Removing Any Parts by Yourself

The value of a scrap car is, quite simply, the sum of its parts. Therefore, you'll automatically be looking at a reduced price if you start removing pieces so that they're eliminated when you obtain a quote from any junk dealer.

Moreover, if you do begin disassembling your car, you may damage some of the parts you're taking apart or others, which will lower their worth nevertheless! It's preferable to leave it to the experts unless you're well-versed in the necessary tools and skills.

Locate The Buyer With The Best Payment

You may either ask for a quote from us , or you could approach each scrap and salvage buyer in your neighbourhood one at a time and request a price. We'll compare prices from nearby operators to get you the best deal, and we'll even set up free car valuation.

Verify Your Refunds

Check if you qualify for a rebate to increase your income after selling your car with us. If you paid your car tax in one lump sum each year, you may be eligible for a refund, but you need also to get in touch with your insurance provider. They may determine that you are due money from your coverage, but you will still need to notify them of the scrappage!

Free Vehicle Valuation

A significant portion of your cash will be deducted before the automobile has even changed hands if you have to cover the cost of your transportation to have the vehicle you are selling relocated to the buyer's.

This cost is eliminated by us at, which offers free car valuation to all of its customers as standard — regardless of whether they are scrapping cars, vans, or other vehicles.

When Is It Right to Sell My Car?

Although we already advised you to sell your car before it loses value at the beginning of this page, it's crucial to comprehend the nuances of the scrap metal market at this point. The raw materials used to make cars can change drastically in value in a matter of days at times.

For this reason, we offer a 24-hour price guarantee, allowing you to think it over without having to worry that the price will have changed by the time you make up your mind.

No Unexpected Charges

Here at, there are no hidden costs or dubious fine print to trick you—everything is clear and concise.

You are under no obligation to accept if you are not satisfied with your offer because our quotations are free of charge. Additionally, there are no fees associated with having your scrap automobile collected; this is a complimentary aspect of the service.

Additionally, after you accept an offer, there is a price guarantee. This amount is non-negotiable and fixed, provided the car is in the same condition upon the collection agent's arrival. You will receive payment in full, exactly as you anticipated.

Obtain A Comparative Quote For Scrap Cars Right now

We hope that this has allayed your worries and that you are now prepared to scrap your vehicle with us. Get a quote by contacting or putting your information into our scrap value calculator. In 30 minutes, your automobile might be sold for a price that leads the market and comes with pickup!