How to Change Ownership of Car in UAE?

31 May,2024 , 01:17 pm

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You must get the ownership of the car in UAE transferred into your name if you are purchasing or selling a car in Dubai. Some cash will be assessed as a fine for you. if you fail to do this and the cops find you.

Ownership of the car must also be transferred if you are donating it to a friend or relative and leaving the country. In addition, even if the car is being donated to your mother or closest friend, failing to do so will result in a fine.

Continue reading to find out how to transfer ownership of a car, where to go, and what paperwork you'll need.

Dubai's Requirements For Transferring Car Ownership

Here are some points to consider:

  • Any unpaid fines must be settled; the buyer must reside in the United Arab Emirates.
  • All auto debts, also known as mortgages, have to be repaid or transferred to the new owner.
  • The buyer must either take over or terminate the insurance policy. The buyer needs to get an insurance plan if the current policy has expired.

How Can Vehicle Information Be Checked?

You may check the status of your vehicle, fines (which you can also pay), which firm insures your vehicle, and the status of your auto loan (mortgage) by logging into the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. 

Which Documents Are Needed in Dubai to Transfer Car Ownership?

What the new owner must bring is:

  • Original and duplicate UAE driving licences
  • Original insurance certificate
  • Original and copy passport with a valid residence visa
  • Original Emirates ID

The present owner must bring the following: 

  • Original vehicle registration card, commonly known as a mulkiya.
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Passport and residency visa (the original document is advised to be brought, but copies are reportedly permitted).
  • Verification of the last loan payment or, in the event of a car loan, loan transfer from the bank or financing provider.

Every document needs to be legitimate. Any that are out-of-date or outdated will be disqualified.

Where In Dubai Can I Transfer Ownership Of A Car Offline?

Any party wishing to transfer ownership of a vehicle must do so at an RTA licencing centre or the Dubai Traffic Police Headquarters. The new owner and the existing owner must be present. Here are additional specifics.

How Can I Transfer Ownership Of A Car Online?

This comprehensive tutorial explains the entire procedure for transferring car ownership online in the United Arab Emirates.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Car Ownership Transfers in Dubai

Go to the typing centre to have a car permit application form completed for the new owner after you've arrived at the Dubai Traffic Police headquarters or an RTA licencing centre.

At the registration counter, turn in all necessary paperwork, including the application for a car permit.

Before transferring ownership of the car, pay off any outstanding fines.

  • The new owner is required to pay the transfer fees after receiving the all-clear.
  • Typically, a knowledge/innovation fee is charged.
  • For light cars, the transfer cost must be paid by the new owner.

It will normally take a few minutes to print the new owner's name on the registration card (mulkiya). The previous owner needs to provide a copy of the card bearing the new owner's name to both the financing and insurance companies for them to verify the sale of the car.

To verify that the car has been properly sold or transferred, sellers should save a copy of the new registration card. This documentation may be required to receive an insurance reimbursement.


What documents are required to change car ownership in the UAE?

The original vehicle registration card (Mulkiya), a valid Emirates ID for both the buyer and the seller, a copy of each person's passport with their resident visa page, and a completed vehicle transfer form are required in order to change ownership of an automobile in the United Arab Emirates. A bank loan clearance certificate is also necessary if the car is financed.

How much does it cost to transfer car ownership in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, transferring ownership of an automobile can be expensive, but typically involves paying a transfer fee that can vary, depending on the emirate. If the vehicle is subject to any fines or penalties, further costs can be incurred.

Where can I transfer car ownership in the UAE?

Any RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) service centre, Tasjeel, Shamil, or other approved vehicle testing and registration centres around the UAE are the places to transfer ownership of a car.

Can I transfer car ownership if the vehicle has outstanding fines?

No, before the ownership transfer can be completed, all outstanding fines must be paid. To prevent delays, both the buyer and the seller should make sure that any fines or penalties related to traffic are paid.

How long does the car ownership transfer process take in the UAE?

If all the necessary paperwork is in order and there are no unresolved matters, such fines or unpaid loans, the ownership transfer procedure for cars in the United Arab Emirates can typically be finished the same day. The authorized centre or RTA usually needs a few hours to complete the process.