How Long Does It Take to Get a Car Title from a Dealership?

24 April,2024 , 02:49 pm

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Before you drive a car throughout Dubai, it must be registered, regardless of whether you bought it new or old. RTA wants the procedure to be easy to understand and uncomplicated for all parties. All you have to do is handle the qualifications and adhere to a few easy measures.

Today, we'll walk you through the registration procedure for both new and used cars in Dubai and go over the related costs. We also discussed how long it takes to get a car title from a dealership.

Ways To Register Your New Car

In most cases, the dealer will complete the registration papers before giving you the keys if you intend to purchase the new car of your choosing. If that isn't the case, though, for whatever reason, it's still rather easy to register a new automobile in Dubai, even if you do it yourself.

All you need to do is bring any of the following documents to an authorised RTA service centre or service provider. How to Register a Car in Dubai?

  • Authentic residency visa granted by Dubai
  • Proof of work in the city of Dubai; rental agreement in the name of the vehicle owner

Essential Documents For New Car Registration In Dubai

The following paperwork is required for citizens to register a car in Dubai:

  • An Original Emirates ID or an electronic customs certificate can be used to update the data.
  • Electronic vehicle pass certificate if the car was used, imported, or inspected outside of Dubai; Gulf specification conformity form (UAE standards test) if the car did not meet GCC specifications

Electronic insurance that is good for longer than six months from the car's insurer.

The following paperwork must be submitted by residents to register a vehicle in Dubai:

  • Either an electronic customs certificate or an original Emirates ID customs certificate
  • For citizens employed by governmental or semi-public organisations, a letter from the employer
  • Using the RTA website or customer happiness centres to apply for car registration

Here is what to do if you want to apply through the RTA website:

Sign in: Utilise the UAE Pass or log into your account on the RTA website.

Apply and Provide Files: Launch your application and add the required files.

Verify using UAE Pass: Use UAE Pass to validate your customer ID.

Cover the Cost: Pay the necessary fee to finish the transaction.

Documents Received: Upon payment of the new automobile registration fees, you will receive the vehicle number plate, vehicle expiry stickers, and a new vehicle licence card, commonly known as Mulkiya.

Users of Apple Devices: The RTA Dubai App's Apple Wallet feature allows you to obtain electronic ownership if you own an Apple device.

Check Out The Centres: Talk to the employee at the front desk.

Place Documents Online: The staff member will give you a link so you can upload your files.

Get the transaction code. Upon uploading, a transaction code will be sent to you.

Finish the Process: To complete your application, give it to the employee to examine and electronically sign.

Cover the Cost: As soon as you pay the necessary amount

Obtain Your Files: After the payment is received, you will receive the ownership certificate, licence plate numbers, and expiration sticker.

In Dubai, registering a vehicle costs high. Naturally, the new car wouldn't have a traffic file, but you'll have to pay to open one. Centres in Dubai take roughly ten minutes to register a new car, and the RTA online facilitates rapid registration.

How To Get A Used Car Registered In Dubai?

The Emirates has a huge market for used cars. The following paperwork is needed in Dubai to register a used vehicle:

  • Traffic file Valid Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate (a used car is sent for retest after necessary repairs if it fails the technical testing phase).
  • Auto Insurance with Computerised Testing
  • Genuine Emirates ID for both the vendor and the buyer
  • A duplicate of the buyer's residency permit
  • The buyer's passports, in copy
  • Automobile registration or Mulkiya from the vendor

Before being given to purchasers, all used cars in Dubai undergo inspections at Tasjeel facilities. These centres likewise accept the submission of the aforementioned documents. Following submission, the buyer receives ownership, and the procedure of registering a used car starts.

The vehicle licence, new licence plate (if the number plate was changed), and expiration stickers are given to the new owner upon payment of the service fees.

Registration Of Cars In Dubai

Every year, your Dubai car registration needs to be renewed. Owners of vehicles often receive a grace period of one month following the expiration of the registration; beyond that, there will be additional fees. It is simple to avoid this extra charge by simply renewing a car on schedule.

By taking these simple steps, you may simply renew your car in Dubai:

  • Pay off any outstanding fines owed on your vehicle. Using the application or the RTA's official website, fine payments are simple to make.
  • Visit any of the Dubai Police stations to resolve any black points on your car.
  • Get your car tested by an authorised RTA testing facility, such as Tasjeel, if it is older than three years.
  • You will have to pay for the necessary repairs if your car fails the technical inspection phase.
  • We'll give the automobile another test.
  • You can then apply for the Dubai car-renewal registration process once you've been cleared.

Once more, you can renew used cars at an approved RTA happy centre or online through RTA, just like when you acquire a used car.

You will receive a new vehicle licence card number and expiry stickers after the procedure is finished and the renewal price is paid.

Documents Needed for Dubai Car Registration Renewal

The aforementioned paperwork is needed in Dubai to renew an automobile registration:

  • Real driver's licence
  • Updated auto insurance
  • Original Emirates ID; old vehicle registration card or Mulkiya
  • Certificate of vehicle technical inspection

How To Verify The Expiry Date Of A Vehicle's Registration In Dubai

The procedures listed below can be used to find the expiration date of a car registration in Dubai.

  • Go to the RTA's official website.
  • To determine the vehicle's expiry date, click "Check Vehicle Expiry" and enter the number plate number.
  • Usually, a car registration is valid for a year, so make sure to verify and renew it as soon as possible.