How Do You Sell Your Car in Sharjah?

25 June,2024 , 12:57 pm

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In Summary

In Sharjah, automobile sales don't have to be difficult affairs. You may guarantee a seamless and fruitful transaction by adhering to the preceding instructions and making use of's resources. 

Whether you decide to sell your car through an online platform, to a dealer, or a private buyer, knowing the market, getting your car ready, and taking care of the paperwork are essential for a successful sale. is here to assist you at every stage, ensuring the least amount of inconvenience during the process.


1. What paperwork is required in Sharjah for me to sell my car?

In Sharjah, selling a car usually requires the following documents: a completed sales agreement, your Emirates ID, the car registration card (Mulkiya), and, if the car is loaned, a no-objection certificate from the bank. Prior to transferring ownership, make sure that all penalties and fees have been satisfied.

2. How can I find out how much my car is worth?

You can find out how much your automobile is worth by looking up comparable models and their market pricing, using internet tools for evaluation, or receiving an expert estimate from a dealership or auto expert.

3. If my car is still secured by a loan, can I still sell it?

If your car is still financed, you can sell it. But before closing the deal, you'll need to get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from your bank and pay off the remaining loan balance.

4. Should I sell my automobile to a private buyer or a dealer?

When selling to a dealer, you may receive a lower price than when selling to a private buyer, but the process can be quicker and more convenient. Although private purchasers may give you a better deal, the procedure can take longer and need more work from you.

5. In Sharjah, how can I change my car's ownership?

To transfer ownership, you and the buyer must go to the Sharjah Traffic Department, where you must fill out the relevant papers, pay the transfer charge, and submit the requisite paperwork. After that, a new registration card (Mulkiya) in the new owner's name would be issued.