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06 July,2024 , 12:42 pm

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Customers of today differ greatly from those in the recent past. They are not going to dealerships anymore to get the information they require. Before consumers even think about visiting a dealership, they are spending all of their time—or at least the majority of it—online car buyers making their judgments.

To satisfy consumers and the marketing business, you must modify your marketing. You will allow your competitors to progress if you lag on any of these trends.

Before selling a car, buyers are seeing fewer and fewer dealers, and you're pretty well screwed if your dealership isn't one of the average buyer visits.

Google Is the First Place You Should Go

You've undoubtedly heard of Google's "Micro-Moments" as a dealer. Times when car shoppers turn to digital to help select the perfect vehicle for their needs" is how they are described.

These micro-moments provide insight into the whereabouts, needs, and queries of shoppers who are looking to buy or lease a car. You can't afford to overlook this important information.

Nevertheless, these instances don't quite illustrate an offensive strategy. They enlighten, but they don't elaborate. Hence, the question we need to address is: How can Google assist in facilitating conversations with consumers during their car-buying process?

What the Public Desires

Consumers increasingly anticipate personalized marketing from you, expecting you to use their information to improve their buying experience!

They expect more. They are prepared and waiting for your marketing to give them pertinent information when they are looking for a car. They want you to use data to give them the most accurate and beneficial information possible through all of your marketing channels.

No matter how your targeted clients choose to interact with you, if they can obtain useful information about your dealership's inventory and promotions, they will discover why your dealership is better than others before they ever set foot in your showroom.

Ad Extension Use Is Required

The extensions for Google Ads are revolutionary. A digital marketer can't truly guarantee anything when it comes to performance metrics, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that if you use ad extensions correctly, your results will be far better. Not in the slightest. Not with hope. Your efforts at digital advertising will provide better results.

What's the best part, you ask? They don't come with any extra expenses.

Ad Extensions: An Overview

Ad extensions are extra features, connections, or improvements that are added to a sponsored search or advertisement. Google originally released Ad site links, an industry-leading innovation.

Additional deep connections called site links are displayed beneath advertisements and point visitors to pertinent sections of a website. Currently, all marketers have access to ten immensely potent ad extensions, with numerous more in beta that are only available to Google Partners.

Ad Extensions: What They Can Do for Your Dealership

Having a basic awareness of the options at your disposal is essential, especially with around a dozen active Ad Extensions available and several more in development. Let's look at the various Ad Extensions and how you can utilize them to increase traffic to your dealership and lead generation.

Make More Pages Available for Presentation

For digital marketers, site link extensions have been the preferred extension since 2009. One ad might have five different pages because it could display up to four more landing pages. According to Google, ads with site links had an average clickthrough rate that was 30% higher than those without them! 

Google also unveiled improved ad site links. With the addition of two description lines beneath each site link, this update effectively made one ad become five! According to one case study, when compared to comparable non-upgraded site links, enhanced site links had 39.7% more conversions and 47.5% more hits.

You Must Keep Your Service Department in Mind

It may surprise you to learn that your service department has the most potential for revenue and sales of any department in your dealership.

Nationwide, dealerships are losing clients. They make unsuccessful attempts to address this by increasing customer retention through customer-focused marketing and by devoting a larger portion of their budget to acquiring new clients. Their inventory is stagnant, and their showrooms are still vacant.

A successful digital marketing strategy and customer-centric marketing can help with part of this, but until these dealers start making the most of their service department and prioritize auto repair, other issues won't go away.

How Your Approach Should Appear

You may alter the way that car owners view your dealership by providing marketing that specifically addresses their worries about being overcharged!

If dealerships are blamed for overcharging for services that aren't worth the price, you can run advertisements that specifically target this misconception.

Car dealers such as yourselves might increase their service clientele by promoting and providing competitive or price-matching prices.

Additionally, you may link owners to landing pages that specifically address their requirements and worries using your digital marketing. You'll have more engagement, leads, and service clients than ever before if you can supply them with information and advertising that speaks to them directly and addresses their concerns!

You Must Maintain Consistency

These marketing techniques are all long-term fixes. These are long-term, continuous marketing methods that must be used daily, monthly, and annually if you want to stay ahead of the curve and connect with today's consumers.

You should be online all the time, everywhere, since that's where they spend their time. You'll see an increase in internet traffic as you modify your marketing to suit consumer and industry trends. This increased online traffic will then translate into more showroom traffic and ultimately, more sales.

Recall that to be the last dealership they visit, you must be the first one they visit.