Where Can I Sell My Car for Scrap in UAE?

08 August,2023 , 01:56 pm

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It's difficult to talk about where can I sell my car for scrap in UAE without discussing the well-known scrapyards, so let's move on to our topic. Exotic automobiles that have been abandoned and left in these yards belong to people who fled the country because of debt. Now that we have that out of the way, let's address your inquiry: "Where can I sell my car for scrap in the UAE?"

We will only cover the top ways to sell your scrap car because there are many other ways to do it and plenty of scrap car buyers in the UAE. These include scrapyards in other emirates, the Sharjah Industrial Area, and car purchase companies located all throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Where Can I Sell My Car for Scrap in the UAE? |Sharjah Industrial Area!

The Sharjah Industrial Area is home to a large number of scrap yards and scrap automobile buyers. However, there is a particularly large concentration of auto-wrecking yards in the region south of the Third Industrial Road. If a person is determined on how to sell a car for scrap, they can hire a tow truck from companies like Automobile Recovery Dubai and have their vehicle towed there.

Once there, you can tour the local scrap yards and bargain with them while leaving your old automobile in one location. That is if you don't choose to continue driving the tow vehicle, which will be far more expensive.

As an alternative, the majority of scrap yards provide a free collection service. They'll haul your car away from the sale, forcing you to sell exclusively to them. Therefore, it is best to be open to all of your possibilities and to as many offers as you can before choosing one. It is therefore strongly advised that you visit a location with a large concentration of scrap yards, such as the Sharjah Industrial Area.

How to Sell Your Car to Other Emirates!

Every Emirate has a designated region for scrap yards and purchasers of scrap cars. Dubai has the fewest, although its proximity to Sharjah, the largest zone of scrap yards, more than makes up for this.

The simplest way to find scrap yards in your area is to simply Google the name of your emirate followed by the phrase "scrap yard." Before paying for a tow truck service, give a few scrap yards a call (you can typically find their phone numbers on their Google Maps page). They might not always be interested in purchasing your particular car.

If you don’t want to face all this hassle then you can simply visit Car1.ae and contact one of our experts. They will assist you in the best way possible and offer you a FREE car valuation.

How to Contact Car-Buying Specialists?

Using a car-buying professional is an alternative to jumping from scrap yard to scrap yard. The services offered by these businesses make selling your car a breeze, whether from the convenience of your house or a nearby shopping center.

Car buying experts No exceptions, and the good ones buy any car from you immediately. More crucially, unlike scrap yards, which value vehicles depending on how much metal they can extract from them, car-buying specialists will not do this. We'll assess your car based on its present condition and operational components.

A car examination is typically the first step in the process with automobile buying specialists, after which you'll receive an offer. If you concur, the paperwork will be swiftly finished and your car sold.

Can I Sell My Car for Scrap at Car1?

Yes. Absolutely! The best scrap vehicle buyer in Dubai is Car1.ae, a company that specializes in buying cars. Sell your car here, which has multiple locations nationwide, and will buy your car in just 30 minutes.

You don't have to be frightened or breathe in a scrapyard's dangerous gases when you work with us. You may be confident that you will get a fair deal for your scrap car thanks to our expert service and gave years of experience in the auto purchasing business.

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