Should I Sell My Used Car Or Not?

22 May,2024 , 01:17 pm

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Reduced availability may indicate that both dealers and drivers are interested in purchasing your vehicle. This is particularly true given reports that the overall inventory of unsold used cars on dealer lots nationwide is down 8% from the same time last year.

On their lots, dealers often strive supply, which means they should have enough automobiles to sell without having to restock. 

This is how you sell your car in today's market.

Trends in the Used Car Market: Should You Sell or Hold Off?

The seller is favoured by the present market trends. Data indicates that, there is a shortage of used cars on the market, both in terms of volume and days supply. Dealerships might be eager to get their hands on your car because there is less of a supply accessible now than there was before.

Availability differs according to price range. According to data, inventory decreases with price points. In September, the non-luxury brands with the least amount of inventories were Honda, Mazda, and Toyota. This could be a great moment to sell if you have an ancient Honda sitting in your driveway.

As of late, there are still more used cars on the market than there were at the beginning of the month, according to a recent reports. The volume of used cars in inventory overall is still regarded as limited and has remained stagnant in the 2.2–2.3 million range for the last four months.

Thus, even though used car buyers have more pre-owned options than they did at the beginning of the year, the overall inventory is still lower. Since dealerships probably want to rebuild inventory, this is good news for sellers.

The value of used car listings has increased very little thus far. In addition to low inventories, additional indicators suggest that those costs may increase much more. August's wholesale prices saw a 1% increase last month. Even a small increase like this can have an impact on retail consumers after roughly six to eight weeks, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Choices for Selling Your Used Car

The ideal option for you will rely on how much time you have and whether you really need a new car.

Sell Your Car Privately

Selling your car privately typically entails direct negotiation, a larger payout, and the avoidance of dealer fees. A private sale does, however, need more labour.

Online is the greatest location to get started. You may use search parameters like make and model, mileage, condition, and location to get an estimate of your market worth from websites like

Facebook Marketplace and local ads are further choices for private sales. However, being on a reliable website aids in identifying con artists.

Exchange Your Car

A swap is a quick and easy option to sell your used car and get a new one if you prefer a different one. A car trade-in is typically accepted by your neighbourhood dealership. It's a quite easy procedure.

To obtain a fair price, make sure to clean up your vehicle, negotiate the trade-in value separately, and, if at all possible, address known mechanical issues.

The leftover profit on your current vehicle might be deducted from the cost of your new vehicle. As opposed to selling your automobile privately and receiving cash, you will instead negotiate a cheaper price for your new vehicle. However, since new cars are more expensive, it might not go as far as you would like.

Offer for Sale at a Dealership

Selling your car via a dealership can be one of the simplest methods to get rid of it, much like trading it in. Most of the trouble in selling the car will be taken care of by the dealership. However, the reward is less than what you would receive if you sold the automobile yourself in spite of the ease.

Dealerships are more likely to be willing to take your used cars off your hands in the current state of the auto industry. To ensure you are receiving the greatest deal, browse around for your car and receive several offers before accepting one.

Sell to a Website That Buys Cars

To receive a cash offer for your automobile, you can also use a car-buying website like Your car's make, model, colour, and mileage must be disclosed, as well as its vehicle identification number (VIN). In addition, the online form will ask you for details regarding the history, condition, and ownership status of your car, including whether you currently owe money on it or not.

Before the website makes an offer, it can also require you to supply pictures of the vehicle. You usually have between 24 hours and seven days and 500 miles to accept an offer, if one is made. Certain car-buying websites arrange for the pickup of your vehicle, while others demand that you deliver it to a partner dealership.

Although this is a practical way to sell any car, keep in mind that there can be a service charge that reduces your earnings.

Next Actions

Your needs should come first when deciding whether to sell or trade in your present vehicle, not just the state of the used market. Choose the choice that best suits your needs if the move feels correct. 

Depending on your goals for the sale and the amount of time you can commit, you can decide what is ideal for you.